Allow us to walk you through the extensive domain of la Chassagne, which consists of two creek valleys, several hills, and a lot of forest and meadows. Walking, we come upon towers of the time of the middle ages, we cross untamed creeks, and wander over meadow and through woods. Cycling, the rural river dale of the river Cher is within our reach, as well as the medieval town of Montluçon, and Néris les Bains: health resort since the time of the Romans. Finally, in the afternoon, the children plunge into the swimming pool at the camping, to cool off.

Please watch our short video about Camping La Chassagne and Surroundings.

Enjoy the peace and quiet, the spaciousness, enjoy nature, during a walking trip, a bicycle ride, during canoeing or rock climbing in the surroundings of la Chassagne or nearby, in the vicinity of the camping site and the holiday cottages at la Chassagne.

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